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Why Dr. Rob Steele must defeat Dingell this election, here’s why.

Dr. Janda is a Healthcare Analyst. He says the truth is that ObamaCare was actually passed in two parts. The second part was passed in March 2010.  The first part was hidden in the Stimulus Package that Congress Passed earlier.

Inside the Stimulus Bill was a hidden section (about 600 pages) creating the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research. It was funded for 1.1 billion dollars and the fifteen members of the rationing board were to be appointed by the President. Within three days of the Healthcare Bill passage, all fifteen members had been appointed.

We know this is a rationing board because the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research definition is cost of the treatment divided by the number of years the patient will benefit from the treatment will determine a ratio. That ratio will be determined IF or WILL BE treated. Do you see that the very existence of this board being hidden in the Stimulus bill is evidence that rationing will occur.

In the second part of the Health Care Bill, they upped the anti with this rationing board and created a multi-billion dollar center to institute the decisions out of this Coordinating Council. And then there was a second board created in the Stimulus board called the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. In the Stimulus Bill it says that this National Coordinator will “determine treatment at the time and place of care.”

On January 2011, when Dr. Janda walks into a room, his nurse, his assistant will have a little hand-held computer. When he makes a diagnosis of that patient, she will type it into the computer and it will go to the National Coordinator’s office. While still in the room with the patient, word will come back from Washington with the treatment protocol to be instituted on that patient.

Under this coordinator, physicians and hospitals “that are not meaningful users of the system over time will face penalties”.  When Dr. Janda spoke to about a hundred members of Congress, he asked what this would mean, what are the penalties?

He wanted to know if he gets the report back from the coordinator and it  says he has to do A, B, and C but he knows that A and B won’t work for this patient because of the thirty years experience has has in treating him, does that mean he is going to be penalized?

“So are you telling me,” he said, “I get $20 bucks for seeing the patient and you’re going to fine me $100 bucks? And they looked at me and said: ‘no, that’s not gonna make you hurt enough; try a $100,000 grand for your first offense.’ I’m not kidding ya. And then I said okay, you know me, I’m going to do what’s right for the patient so I’m gonna take care of that patient the right way as opposed to the way bureaucrats want me to do it. What happens the second time I do it because that will probably be the next patient?  I said, are you telling me I’m going to get fined $100,000 again? And they looked at me and said ‘No Dave, you’re gonna go to jail.'”

You get the idea of what will happen with doctors when this terrible HealthCare Bill goes into Law. How many doctors do you think will stick around for this type of care… not the good ones for sure.

Obama is so sly and deceitful, no wonder they had to ram Health Care down our throats before we learned more about what was in it. Socialism is being crammed down our throats, whether we like it or not.

What will it take for you to see through Obama’s plan and recognize that what he is offering you is NOT what you think it is? It is not going to give you the good coverage you expect, IF you are even covered, and if it fits within the cost ratio.

Did Congress know what was being passed in the Stimulus package? I don’t know but I think most of them did!

Did Congress know what they were passing in the 2,000 page HC Bill? Probably so, since many of them wanted certain items in the package, but I wonder if the ones who would not have signed off on it were kept in the dark on purpose.

John Barrasso (R-Wy): “Nancy Pelosi said that, if you sign this bill, there will be 400,000 new jobs created but the Congressional Budget Office said no. Actually, they will lose 800,000 jobs by 2019, when the HC Bill is fully implimented.

“This is going to be an economy killer, a job killer, and a patient killer. It’s going to be bad for patients and bad for providers. It’s going to be a strain on the nurses and doctors who take care of them and a terrible strain on the tax payer. If they aren’t looking at this HC law as a way to save money and to repeal parts of it, if not all of it, then their making a mistake.”

When asked what the Republicans will do when they get a majority, he replied:  ” Ultimately we have to repeal the bill and then make sure Obama is a one-term president because he can veto it.

It will require a lot of money to fund the 15,0o0 agents that go into people’s houses and look into their files to see if they have health insurance.

We are going to have to repeal the mandates so we have to starve it to death. Then we take 10 billion dollars away from health and human services so they can’t put all these board and commissions in place.

When Obama said he can think of better ways to spend the money, Barrasso said: “We spend too much Mr. President, it’s not your money; leave it in their pockets.

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  1. Charles Krauthammer(Fox News) is on record as saying: “Pay no attention to what Obama says….watch what he does”. Would someone have said that about Truman or Reagan on national television? I don’t think so either.
    This man Obama is a puppet on the string of George Soros. I hope America wakes up and recognizes the very real threat Obama and his ilk represent to this great country.

  2. Dale Hogue says:

    Barack Hussein Obama is taking his orders from the “puppet-master” Soros who has been his financial benefactor ever since Obama graduated from Punahou Academy. He provided the money for Obama’s travel adventures, his college tuition and his political campaigns and, because Obama owes him so much, he is doing Soros bidding in the White House. Check it out yourself. Believe you me, Obama isn’t as bright as the mainstream media and the Democratic Party wants you to believe. Teacher friends of mine who taught at Punahou when Barry Obama was there have told me that he was an average student who spent a great deal of classroom time “day dreaming”, he was a lazy student who was constantly late in turning in assignments, his writing ability was mediocre by Punahou standards, he often cut classes to shoot basketballs in the gym, he lied to his classmates about his own family background, he was a loner, he was not college material and showed little interest in gaining the skills needed to be successful in college. These teachers were surprised when he showed up on the Occidental campus, dumbfounded when they were told he was attending Columbia University and were shocked beyond belief when it was reported that he was attending Harvard Law School.

    • Truth not Lies says:

      Been listening to a little too much Glen Beck lately? I hate to tell you (this is a secret!) but Glen Beck is lying! These theories have been debunked, just like the comments from this so called “Healthcare Analyst.” Don’t let the stupid lead the ignorant. If you love your country, and you really care about what is happening, go find the truth for yourself.

  3. Pat Edwards says:

    Alas, David Janda is the “evil and dangerous” one!! What ideological drivel. Happily, this man does NOT represent the majority of heroic medical doctors on whom we all depend for our families’ healthcare. Read this RESEARCH (not rhetoric!) , please:
    WASHINGTON | Mon Mar 31, 2008 5:14pm EDT
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – More than half of U.S. doctors now favor switching to a national health care plan and fewer than a third oppose the idea, according to a survey published on Monday.
    The survey suggests that opinions have changed substantially since the last survey in 2002 and as the country debates serious changes to the health care system.
    Of more than 2,000 doctors surveyed, 59 percent said they support legislation to establish a national health insurance program, while 32 percent said they opposed it, researchers reported in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

    “Many claim to speak for physicians and represent their views. We asked doctors directly and found that, … most doctors support national health insurance,” said Dr. Aaron Carroll of the Indiana University School of Medicine, who led the study.
    “As doctors, we find that our patients SUFFER because of increasing deductibles, co-payments, and RESTRICTIONS on patient care,” said Dr. Ronald Ackermann, who worked on the study with Carroll.
    “Across the board, more physicians feel that our fragmented and FOR-PROFIT insurance system is obstructing good patient care, and a majority now support national insurance as the remedy,” Ackermann said in a statement.

  4. Mars says:

    This guy is a evil and dangerous. He was able to pull the wool over a number of Americans’ eyes but I think those eyes are open now and this man will not see a second term as president. He will be another one-term president, for sure. God help us all if he does more damage before his term is up.

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