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We need to be very concerned about protecting democracy as we know it. Can you envision living a life with purpose and meaning the way you want to without freedom in America?

Freedom is a vital part of how we enjoy happiness and peace of mind. I am concerned about how fragile this freedom is today. You know what I mean, don’t you?

  • I am talking about Congress not caring much about the people’s mandates or about being voted out of office. The goal is to further their liberal/progressive vision for America by passing laws the public is adamant about defeating; in other words, cramming down our throats policies that we don’t want!
  • I am talking about the “Grassroots Movement” to take back America, which is peaceful for the moment but could change at any time.
  • I am talking about a Justice System that interprets or manipulates the Constitution as they see fit, instead of following it as written. Some of those in the Justice System go so far as to say that the Constitution is a living document and that it changes according to our times.
  • I am talking about taking God and prayer out of public places, claiming that it violates some people’s rights. Even though 89% of Americans believe in God, even though God is in the fabric of our Constitution, some people feel they have a right to dictate what the Constitutions means today. They completely ignore the intentions of those who settled this country for religious freedom and established the Constitution.
  • I am talking about a Justice System that tells Justice Judge Roy Moore that, unless he denies God and his Christian vales, he must step down from his seat.
  • I am talking about our Congress, who is directly in charge of overseeing the Justice Department, falling down on the job.
  • I am talking about Congress thinking they are above the law and above adhering to the Constitution.
  • I am talking about soft Republicans having no backbone to stand up for what is right, except recently because “We The People” made it very clear how we expect them to represent us.
  • I am talking about Democrats being divided among themselves because progressive liberals have taken over their party.
  • I am talking about the so-called “Blue Dog Democrat” (a Democrat who adheres to older values of the party) being pressured into accepting what they disagree with in order to help their party keep a majority position in the House and Senate.
  • I am talking about a government that is disconnected from its people. It won’t be long before that disconnection causes an outright rebellion; which I predicted in my book “The Treasure Box Series, Volume I: Peace, Joy, and Happiness” in 2005.  At that time, I sounded like a rebel and bit off my rocker. I guess I am not so crazy any more, since others are saying the same thing now.
  • I am talking about a nation that is heading out of alignment with God. We are jeopardizing our own ability to protect democracy, to be at peace, and to feel happy with our lifestyle when we follow the ways of man.

Pardon my boldness, but I want to move you to do something positive about this situation. Yet, we need to do it without causing more divisions and contentions among us than what already exists.

Have you noticed how volatile things are becoming among the American people and nations abroad, and how it is moving us farther away from each other?

Divisiveness among the people is the result of Government not functioning as it should. We must work together to keep democracy safe. If we do not do something soon to resolve the disconnection between government and its people, another type of civil will surely occur. I feel optimistic that we can do this together if we have a mindset to do so and a healthy determination.

We cannot change what is set in prophecy from God; He is in charge of what happens here. Yet we still have a say in how we live our lives and how we affect the people around us. We all have the innate ability to do this, so I am asking you to please join me in this endeavor. We need you with us!

Join me at Stand Up Patriots or Moms and Grandmas United.

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