The Great Depression Let us contrast American attitudes from the depression with that of Americans today. Again, we live in difficult economic times. This modern attitude empowers government and debilitates us because of our own attitude toward business, the rich, and entitlements. People that lived during the Great Depression were proud and hardworking; they relied on each other and their own abilities to take care of themselves and their families. From time to time, they accepted food and supplies from family, friends, and neighbors (and perhaps an odd job that was offered to a family member). The Great Depression was also a time when relying on each other and their own abilities was not enough and so they turned to government for assistance. Instead of rioting, looting, vandalizing, and setting the city on fire, people patiently waited in long lines to get a small amount of food to take home […]

Below is a report I originally wrote on 7/7/2016 but then decided not to post it. After hearing the Democratic Convention this evening, I must remind you that Hillary is NOT the wonderful person they talked about tonight. The Democratic Party is telling Americans that the Trump we see running for President today, is the same greedy businessman who rippped off people and cares only about himself.  They say he is not a person who can be trusted and that he really does not care about the lowly people he claims to represent. We already know that Trump can be a chump, that he can run off at the mouth and say stupid things (which will come back to bite him), and we know that he is NOT the seasoned “talking heads” we heard speak tonight, but HE IS COMMITTED TO BEING A GOOD PRESIDENT; of that I have no doubt. Can Trump turn this country around? I […]

Laugh a little!
Even though the times we live in are chaotic (even violent) we still have something for which to be grateful. Nevertheless, we choose to focus on the things we don’t have and complain about it….Perhaps this video can help you have more appreciation for the blessings …

Why do you think this administration is bringing in plane loads of illegals and releasing illegals back into our communities, even those they know have been convicted of violent crimes? Only one thing makes sense, to stack the deck in an election in order to stay in power. Is this the America that citizens fought a civil war for or fought in foreign lands for–giving freedom to other people living under tyranny? I SAY NO!

“The American people need to realize that Donald J. Trump is our last hope. He is the only person who is capable of saving America and the Western World as a whole from falling into the depths of despair due to globalist agendas and a crippling political correctness era. Putin Questioned About Trump as President … You Will Not Believe Putin’s take on American Elections!

“The American people need to realize that Donald J. Trump is our last hope. He is the only person who is capable of saving America and the Western World as a whole from falling into the depths of despair due to globalist agendas and a crippling political correctness era. Putin Questioned About Trump as President … You Will Not Believe Putin’s take on American Elections!

Hillary Clinton is not above the law. But Hillary Clinton has a demonstrated record of showing contempt for the rule of law. She refused to tell the truth about the deadly Benghazi terrorist attack that took place on her watch as Secretary of State. She violated the law and avoided accountability by using secret email accounts as Secretary of State, She abused her public office to funnel money to personal accounts – much of which is now sloshing around her vanity “charity” that could be renamed “The Clinton Corruption Foundation.” This is all unacceptable.

My Response to TEA Party Alert Bulletin This notice from the TEA Party is important for reasons listed below, so please read this whole post.  Making mentally ill veterans ineligible to own guns is another way to limit those who will fight against a government takeover. I want you to take all the time you need to follow the links for each point presented IN ORDER to have a better understanding of what is at risk. Because this is a very long post, it is vital that you read it all so you have this information on hand to share with others and to combat the war being waged against us. You cannot fight this battle as well as you need to if you do not know the enemy or have the tools to win.  And believe me, we are in the battle of our lives!! When goals are realized, when Obama tries to […]

The Tea Party is supporting the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act (H.R. 2001, Rep. Jeff Miller, R-FL) and the Mental Health and Safe Communities Act of 2015 (S. 2002, Sen. John Cornyn, R-TX).

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa has been questioning the VA on this matter, and hopes to put a stop to it. “The very agency created to serve them (veterans) is jeopardizing their Second Amendment rights through an erroneous reading of gun regulations. The VA’s careless approach to our veterans’ constitutional rights is disgraceful.”

Proof that something is up in government is presented in this article and evidence shown that government’s actions mean something nefarious is planned.

As if our own President and Congress are not enough to concern us about taking away our right to protect ourselves, that New World Order will be forced on us through United Nations Occupation, now we understand that ISIS is coming. Guess we need to get our thinking caps on and start getting our homes in order!

When LaPeirre said Americans need to prepare and have a plan, he isn’t kidding. You MUST take some time and make real preparations for the safety of your family and for being able to function in a nation without income and access to basic necessities. These topics are the focus for the next several posts.

Executive Vice President and CEO of the National Rifle Association (NRA), Wayne LaPeirre mentioned on Face the Nation Sunday June 19, 2016 that “they are coming” and “they want to kill us”. I suspect “they” means Islamic Extremists. On that same program, Dianne Feinstein said “they are coming through immigration, illegal immigration, crossing borders, and any way they can get here” to kill. Again, I suspect “they” means Islamic Extremists.

Of course we want Trump to take America backwards: back to a time when people had values, jobs, patriotism, common sense and a willingness to take care of the poor among us and our communities. So YES, please Mr. Trump, take America backwards to restore the America that honors the good in our nation.

I am sure you’ve noticed that I have not been posting much this past past year but it is NOT for lack of interest; I’ve been recuperating from some major health issues.   Nevertheless, there are some things that must be addressed and Trump vs the Republican Party is one of them: The reason the Republican Party has a Trump problem is because they are not listening to the people they are supposed to represent. They just don’t get it! The main reason there’s even a “Trump Problem” for the Republican Party is the Republican Party itself.  It is a Party so far removed from the American People that little tolerance is left for their agenda or their rhetoric. Is Trump the answer to our problems? I say NO but the Republican Party is certainly NOT the answer either. They just don’t get that the people are rebelling against the party the way it is, there’s not […]

    I personally saw Donald Trump in a different light and appreciated the candidness of the interview. I suspect you will see this likely candidate answering questions that your have had and his answers make sense. What do you think?   Trump is questioned by Fox News about things he has said and why he would be a good President. The following topics are just a few of the subjects the Presidential hopeful discussed: Vice President choice Comments he made about Ben Carson being  a really nice guy (possibly a V.P. choice) How he would handle Isis and why it is so hard to stop them What he plans to do about Illegal Immigration and limiting Muslims into the U.S His attitude about fair trade agreements previous leaders made-bad because they did not understand business and good negotiations Making better trade agreements would make America more respected Answered questions about his […]

7 minute video 10 minute video Make this country GREAT again Bring businesses back to America Secure our boarder from drugs and terrorist Trump is a populist who appeals to Democrats and Independents, as well as Republicans

I know many disappointed Americans are having trouble dealing with election results, making ridiculous claims that they will move out of the country or vote Democrat, but that is just stupid talk and will not help the situation. Let me tell you what I believe we need to be thinking …

The main reason Trump is doing well and has the appeal he does is because HE IS NOT A POLITICIAN! He does not represent the usual way of doing things in Washington or being POLITICALLY CORRECT. If the Party continues this way of thinking, then it seems likely Trump will go Independent and people will vote Independent instead of Republican. Truly, this is promising to be a historic election with historic changes taking place.

What makes Americans so patriotic and love their country so much? We are we so proud to be Americans and sing about it? We do we love the American flag so much? Perhaps these songs will explain the answer to these questions.